Young Cat Is Given A Nice, New Scratching Post. Watch Him Go Absolutely Berserk

Cats were adopted by humans, or maybe it was the other way around, at least 9,500 years ago. Cats came to be prized both for catching vermin and because they made such good pets. Early agricultural societies like ancient Egypt held cats in very high regard. There are countless depictions of them in ancient Egyptian art and there was, of course, a cat goddess. When cats died, they were mummified just like people. Medieval Europeans had decidedly mixed views of cats but sailors have always considered them good luck. The cats most familiar to us today are simply house cats, living lives of relative luxury.

Buying a cat a present is usually hit or miss. A toy could become an instant obsession but it could just as easily end up being completely ignored. You could spend good money on a carpet-covered cat residence only to have your feline friend decide that a random cardboard box you left out is the perfect place to curl up for a snooze. Or maybe it was the fruit basket you actually got for fruit. You get the idea.

When a young black and white cat in Kenosha, Wisconsin got a new scratching post, his mind became a bubbling cauldron of excitement, bewilderment, and curiosity. As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted, he really goes nuts, batting the pom-pom hanging from the post and dragging himself around in circles while making odd little noises. The crazed expression on his little face is really priceless. Cats will often claw furniture no matter how lavish a scratching post they’re offered, but we’re pretty sure this rambunctious youngster is going to be getting plenty of workouts with his newest plaything.

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