Young Deaf Russian Man Earns Global Respect As A Finger Dancer

Watch This Deaf Man Perform A Finger DanceThis deaf young man performs a fantastic hand and finger dance that wows not only his table of friends and family but the whole world, thanks to YouTube! Andrey Dragunov was born deaf and hails from Leningrad. The artist proclaims that hip hop helped him both understand himself, and those around him.

With artistry like that, if this man had his hearing, he’d likely be one of the world’s best dancers. This impressive display of dexterity shows that music can be made in any language, even sign language. While it’s not clear whether this is a song is sign or just a dance, the show is highly impressive and clearly the product of a lot of practice.

Andrew is a deaf Russian with a passion for music and expression. Watch as he earns himself acclaim as a finger dancer and an artist who wants sharing awareness of universal love for music. We don’t know what it means, but you’ll be mesmerized from the moment that he starts moving his hands & fingers.