Young elephant guides her blind elephant friend around their home

Adorable elephant guides her blind friend around their home

In a gorgeous nature park under a clear blue sky, three elephants can be seen hanging out on the grass. Chana, Kabu, and Ploythong have formed their own small herd.

Ploythong is blind in both eyes, and the young Chana has taken it upon herself to become her guide. So together they can all enjoy the park they live in.

They are surrounded by a rich grass field, trees rolling in the distance, and wide-open space to roam around in. Chana and Ploythong walk to Kabu, who is enjoying lovely red watermelons.

Chana makes sure to stay near Ploythong at all times. She uses her trunk and her body to let her know she’s there, and she uses sounds as well to guide her.

Adorable elephant guides her blind friend around their home

As they walk around the field, Chana stands on some rocks, so Ploythong doesn’t run into them. They move slowly but surely and make their way across the park.

The three elephants spend some time in soft dirt. They rub it against their bodies and enjoy basking under the sun. Ploythong then follows Chana to the river.

The river is wide and full of running water. Chana goes first, and Ploythong follows right behind her. Using the water, they bathe themselves and enjoy the wet feeling against their skin.

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