Young Feral Kitten Is Receiving His First Bath, Ever. I Melted At His Reaction To The Water.

Kittens are hard to wash, but imagine trying to clean a feral kitten? Their mistrust of humans must be hardwired into their DNA. They may come out of their mommy’s womb ready to lash out at humans. It usually takes rescue workers a while to break through that shell, with the mistrust resulting in scratches sometimes. That was not the case with Rupert, a young feral kitten that was caught in a trap. At first he hissed, but then he turned to mush at bathtime.

We see Rupert being held under a running tap in a sink. The rescue worker is holding him with thick gloves – he may be cooperative, but he also has claws, so it’s best to be prepared. He’s on his back and they wash his tummy and then they flip him over and another hand reaches in to shampoo him. He’s just being so calm and docile. Maybe he realizes that he’s being helped here. This will be one adorable kitty once dry.

I’m just amazed that Rupert could be held under a running faucet in a bathroom sink. He’s that tiny! The video nearly made me squeal with joy until I remembered that my wife and son are asleep now. I don’t think they’d like me waking them up over that. I’ll show them in the morning. I’m sure that many other people will do the same with their loved ones for this adorable video.

At first I was watching the video like, “Wait. Is that kitten alive?” He was so still on his back and he didn’t seem to be blinking. When the rescue worker flipped him over, though, it was clear that he was still among the living, with his moving his head and blinking. Maybe he was just so content during the first part that he didn’t feel like moving. I hope that future baths go as smoothly as this one.

Even feral kittens deserve TLC. Have you had any experiences with them? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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