The Young Foal Was Caught In The River And Going To Drown, What The Old Stallion Did Left Me Shocked!

Then we’ll hold horses in a special place in our heart. They are majestic, elegant, and charming creatures. They are known for being gentle and calm. When I saw this video I was surprised at just how calm and collected the stallion is when this filly was about to drown.

Champ, the wild stallion, and his family were grazing along the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. When a second band of horses arrived on the opposite bank. Clearly the two groups were interested to get to know each other and some of them began to swim across the river.

But the current was very strong and one of the fillies was swept downstream. She would surely have drowned had not Champ grabbed the filly by the side of her neck. Watch how he gently helps her back onto dry land and doesn’t let go until he knows that she is safe. Incredible!

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