Young Fox Climbs Out Of Den, Sees “Hidden” Camera, Takes Decisive Action

Related to dogs, foxes can be found everywhere on earth except for Antarctica. Most species of fox are accomplished omnivores, subsisting on insects, reptiles, birds, bird eggs, and various plants. They’re solitary hunters, typically using a technique where they crouch down low and out of sight and then spring on top of their prey when it comes in range. Perhaps this has helped the fox earn its reputation for being smart and cunning. Foxes are handsome creatures and while they look much like dogs, they generally can’t be domesticated. You can take a fox out of the forest, but you can’t take the forest out of the fox!

Foxes figure prominently in the folklore of many cultures around the world. This clever, wily animal usually appears in the role of a crafty, mischievous trickster: sometimes a nuisance, sometimes a villain, and even occasionally a misunderstood hero.

Some people whose property included a fox den decided to set up a hidden camera in the hope of seeing its otherwise elusive inhabitants. Soon enough, they had some good footage. A baby fox decided to go on a little adventure outside the den. He comes out slowly and carefully, sniffing the air, his ears twitching. You can’t fool even a young and inexperienced woodland creature: he knows something’s going on. He immediately spots the “hidden” camera. Curiosity gets the better of this youngster and he comes over to investigate. Before long, the camera’s perspective is a bit changed…

We’ve posted the video of this adorable little fox taking down the “hidden” camera. You really can’t blame him: who wants a camera pointed at the front door of their home?

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