A young German Shepperd used to cry before he slept at a shelter. Finally, he got adopted!

When thinking of getting a pet, how do you usually go about it? People nowadays have about three choices: check ads online, buy from a breeder or adopting at their local shelter. I guess the easiest of the three is checking ads online. It is convenient because you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to do it. You only need a computer and an Internet connection.

You find a dog that might interest you and you contact the seller. In most of the cases, the owner will tell you details about the animal’s breed, size, age, and general health. Some people prefer a dog that has already been ‘potty-trained’, while others prefer getting a puppy, so they can train them as they please. Now, in some cases, the owner is not 100% honest when it comes to the dog’s health or generals.

There have been times when a dog or puppy exchanges hands and the new owner starts making discoveries as soon as he or she gets home. Things like skin diseases, infections, ticks or fleas are among the most common occurrences when getting a pet. When this happens the previous owner usually does not want to take the pet back.

Buying from a breeder usually has more advantages in terms of convenience for the buyer. The buyer gets to choose the breed of his preference and the age at which he or she gets the animal. The animal will be in optimal health and some vaccinations are usually included in the purchase price as well as a microchip which would help to locate the dog in case he or she got lost.

The option that I recommend the most to people looking to get a new pet is adopting at their local shelter. Why? We are living one of the biggest dog-overpopulation scenarios in many years. Dogs are being surrendered at shelters at rates you cannot imagine. Sometimes people get a pet with the best intentions at heart, but something changes in the households that makes them not able to care for the dog anymore.

Such was the case of a little German Shepperd. He was surrendered at a shelter in California on a summer afternoon. The shelter thought the dog was about 9 weeks old. The puppy was suffering the effects of being abandoned at a very young age. The shelter worked hard on getting him a loving home by posting ads on their site until they finally found a loving home for him. Check out the video from the time he got to the shelter. Those little black eyes will steal your heart!