Baby brother joins sister at Irish wedding. But watch who joins them at the end to steal the show

Have you ever met an Irishman who isn’t normally happy? These people just have a sense of fun that a lot of us just don’t possess. Their love of music and humor is highly infectious, as is there art of using the English language in such a way that it can leave mere mortals like us in a state of confusion. Now the Irish have been the butt of many jokes from time-to-time but they don’t seem to mind at all, in fact they tend to encourage it a little.

Over the past few months I have seen quite a few wedding videos on YouTube. Especially funny ones. Recently I saw one where the best-man’s trousers made a brief, but memorable decent to his ankle regions, leaving the entire church in hysterics. It was hilarious to watch, I can only imagine what it must have been like for all of the people in attendance. So I guess it only makes sense that an Irish wedding is going to be a very special, and memorable, event.

Music plays such a strong part in the Irish lifestyle. Traditional Irish music is by definition one of the most infectious and happy styles of music that this planet of ours has to offer. You cannot help but stamp your feet once you are in sync with the rhythm of this wonderful sound. Dance is another very Irish thing, and it seems that all Irish can dance so well, it’s as if it comes just naturally to the entire race. Of course people like the likes of Michael Flatelly are responsible for the re-emergence and popularity of traditional Irish dance over the last decade or two, and have put this spectacular art form onto the world stage with a huge bang.

In the clip that you are about to watch a little girl is performing a tradition Irish dance at a wedding. She has all the moves down to a tee. The crowd are all cheering her along with the encouragement that I don’t think she really needs. But behind her is her little brother named Michael. He is copying her every move and looks like he is nearly busting out of his skin to join her on the dance floor. The band are really pumping when the singer shouts “Who wants to join her on the dance floor”, this is all the encouragement that little brother needs, and he is soon moving his feet to the rhythms of this joyous occasion.

The crowd are loving the whole show and are clapping and dancing on the sidelines. Then to make this a real family affair, grandma joins the two youngsters to really make this a very special treat for all the family to remember. Click on the link below and feel the contagious energy that the Irish cannot help but fill a room with.