Young Girl Finds That Santa Has Visited Barn On Christmas. His Gift Will Leave You Stunned.

It’s something that so many kids ask for that it’s become a cliché. “Mommy… Daddy… I want a pony for Christmas/my birthday/ graduation.” “Where would we keep this, dear? We live in a two-bedroom apartment in a city. It’s not like we could house it in the garage downstairs.” “I WANT PONY!” These dreams usually go unfulfilled, but for some, it actually does become a reality. Like what we see in this video.

It starts off with a girl named Annie running outside in the snow on her farm. Yes, this takes place in a rural area. I can’t see this scenario even playing out in a suburb. It’s Christmas and she’s in a playful mood. Perhaps Santa left her a lot of presents under the tree. Whatever the case, she tosses a snowball at her mommy, who is trailing behind her, recording this. The girl makes a beeline for the barn.

Once Annie gets there, she finds that the door has been cracked open. Why would the door be open? Did Santa want to pet some of the horses when he visited overnight? Several cats mill around and rub up against Annie. Her daddy is sitting inside, recording this too. She doesn’t seem to think it’s strange. Then she notices a basket sitting up against one of the barn walls. She wanders over and finds that it’s for her.

The first thing she pulls out is a children’s book. Then she discovers a note. It’s from Santa. WOW! Annie starts reading it aloud, stumbling over some words. Suddenly, it dawns on her that Santa is telling her something. A horse! He gave her a horse! She runs over and finds that there’s a new horse in the barn and it’s for her. She dubs her new horse “Pepper” which is the equine’s middle name. What a Christmas!

Some people thought this four-minute video was too long. Sigh. Another victim of the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” mentality. I thought it was a perfect build-up. How about you? Please leave a comment – we’ll read them no matter how long. Also, it’d be great if you “Like” us on Facebook.

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