Young Girl Finds That She’s Getting A Four-Legged Birthday Gift. Her Reaction Is SO Precious.

Getting a puppy is a momentous occasion for any young child. Of course, this certain event can either go one of several ways. First, this strengthens the kid’s sense of responsibility and they take care of the pup without fail. Second, the kid does their best, but some of the responsibility also falls onto the parents’ shoulders too. Third, caring for the puppy creates resentment and he or she winds up in a shelter. Seeing this video, I only see the first scenario happening.

We see a girl, who looks like she’s maybe 10 or so, celebrating her birthday at a family member’s house. She opens a box with a lot of tissue paper and pulls out a doggie coat. Puzzled, she looks at her mommy, who tells her that she’s getting a puppy. Seconds later, she’s handed a puppy, who she named Emma, who is literally the size of a can of Play-do. She cradles the puppy up against her, and then the waterworks start.

There was a little bit of confusion over her tears at one point. She had to tell her mommy that they were tears of joy, not sadness. She was just SO happy to get this puppy after all her time of asking for one that her emotions just burst out of her like a broken dam. Her mommy and her family member just happened to be caught in that wave. Of course, we shall see how she feels when Emma pees on the floor for the first time.

One thing that people were up in arm over was that they thought that the doggie coats were for that little puppy. Also, some thought that Emma had been in the box too, with all the wrapping paper. Wrong on both counts. The doggie coats were just there as a way to tell her about her gift. Emma was also somewhere off to the side, just waiting to be handed over to the unsuspecting girl.

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