Young Girl Shaves Off Hair To Support Cancer-Stricken Friend. Her School’s Reaction? BAFFLING.

Friendship is an incredibly strong bond. Growing up with friends is a very important part of a child’s learning social skills. This is also vitally important when a young friend is going through something difficult. Loyalty is something to be prized and a young child being able to know that their friend will stick with them through thick and thin is huge. Even if showing that loyalty leads to some unpleasant repercussions at first, as the people in this video, Kamryn and Delaney, found out firsthand.

Kamryn and Delaney were two best friends. They spent a lot of time hanging out and just being young girls. Then Delaney got some bad news: She had a cancer of the brain, neuroblastoma. She even pronounced it in a video. It kept recurring and she kept losing her hair because of the treatment. Kamryn was tired of seeing her friend lose her hair and decided to shave her own hair to show her best friend that she wasn’t alone.

Kamryn went to her Colorado Middle School, deservedly proud for what she had done to show support for Delaney. When she got there, though, she was told that all students had to have hair, since it otherwise would have been a distraction. Hmm. I wonder what they would have told a student with alopecia? Anyways, her mom wrote a post on Facebook that went viral immediately. Thousands of people wrote in condemning the school’s policy. They reversed her suspension and even commended her .

The sad thing about this is that common sense should have been applied from the very beginning. What should have been said is, “Hmm. You shaved your hair in solidarity with your best friend who is fighting cancer. Congratulations on your maturity beyond your years.” Not this sending her home nonsense. Fortunately, they did the right thing, but it shouldn’t have taken a social media firestorm to make them do this.

Delaney is so lucky to have a friend like Kamryn. That has to help her immune system, knowing that she’s not alone in fighting

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