Figure skaters floor fans with beautiful ’50 Shades of Grey’ performance

We know that ice dancing is an incredibly difficult discipline to pull off and one that takes years and years of dedication, practice, blood, sweat and tears to even come close to getting it to this level. But these young ice skaters are so good they make it look easy, and they’re taking the world by storm.

Hailing from France, Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres have been competing together in the pairs event for a number of years now and are the reigning French national champions. However, they’ve not managed to get a medal at a European championship, and they were looking to change that here.

Using a music track from the movie “50 Shades of Grey”, the pair knew exactly what they were doing when they set up a steamy, passionate dance on the ice. It was almost as if you could feel their power and connection as they moved effortlessly through their routine, at times so hot they might have been melting the surface under their blades! And we’re not alone in supporting this astonishing dance, YouTube is awash with comments like the one below:

“Wow!!! I am blown away…terrific, awesome, beautiful performance…and the perfect music to enhance it beyond words. I am embarrassed to say how many times I’ve watched it. Wow! The technical scores should have been out of this world!!! This performance should have put them in 1st place…. they EARNED IT! They were simply AMAZING!!! They have given me a reason to watch skating…. or rather watch them skate amazingly.”

The duo is clearly highly regarded in the skating world and by the fans themselves, and we wouldn’t bet against them going on to achieve great things in the future – certainly if this performance is anything to go by. Perfectly in sync and always on the beat, their lifts and turns are near flawless, and as the fan above comments, it should have got them perfect scores!

The footage commentator even mentions it’s the best he’s ever seen them skate as the crowd erupt in raucous applause at the end of their performance. They finally made it to a podium finish with a bronze medal, but we predict a bright future for these guys! Don’t miss their electrifying routine in the link below and be sure to share with your family and friends who might need a little bit of spice in their lives!