Young Lab Is Hanging Out In Back Seat Of Car. I Was Shocked At What Then Spooked Him.

We all get scared of some very weird things. When I was little, I had a giraffe coat hanger in my room. One night, I was falling asleep and the giraffe MOVED. Well… I had to have that giraffe out of my room. Never mind that the dog had probably nudged it in the dark… the giraffe was ALIVE. Several decades later, I’m fine now, but I’m still a little unnerved by photos of giraffes. The canine that’s the star of this video can certainly understand what I went through.

The scene is the interior of what looks like some kind of European model car with a windshield wiper on the rear-view window. There’s a year-old- golden retriever named Enzo sitting in the space between the backseat and the window – it makes me think the car’s a hatchback hybrid . He’s doing great, all happy… and then the wiper goes off in the rearview window. You’d think a bat had just flown into the car, he ducks down every time the wiper moves.

It’s so cute to see this young golden retriever be so wary of a windshield wiper. He was to answer his mommy, when she calls him and the wiper goes off, he’s like “Mommy! Oh! That fast-moving black thing again! Duck!” It doesn’t seem to penetrate his brain that the wiper is not on the inside of the window but on the outside. Then again, throwing caution to the wind can be dangerous sometimes.

According to Enzo’s mommy, he’s also afraid of is a vacuum cleaner. He’s in very good company there, since my two cats are petrified of the same thing. No matter how many times I show them that the vacuum is NOT going to devour them and send them to another dimension, they scatter the very second that I turn it on. My female cat just bolts into the closet while my male cat stops after a bit and watches and then runs if the vacuum goes in his direction. Neither of them have seen a windshield wiper, so I can’t comment on their reaction there…

What’s the weirdest thing that has freaked your pet out? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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