Young lady is losing her long hair, celebrated salon transforms her with an extreme makeover

Have you ever had a haircut that you regretted as soon as you left the salon? The sort of cut that no matter how hard you tried to explain, the hairstylist just couldn’t envision what it was that you were trying to achieve. You would now have to wait months for it to grow back and then go through the whole painful process again.

I have a very good friend who is extremely fussy about his hair. He lives near me and it has taken him nearly four-years to finally find a hairdresser that he likes. It is always never what he wants or expects, and he is always upset when leaving the salon and heading home to his very-understanding-wife. Now imagine if you had just received the devastating news that you have been diagnosed with cancer and that you will have to undergo chemotherapy, the possibility of you losing your hair hangs over you like a lead balloon.

This was the case for a very attractive young lady named Laura. She had always had long hair but decided that with her treatment and possible hair loss it would be more manageable if she were to have it cut short. She contacted Jerome Lordet from the Pierre Michel Salon in New York who agreed to give her a new look and style. The clip below shows the amazing transformation that took place. Laura at first seems to be a bit reluctant but soon loves the new look that Jerome’s has in mind for her.

This brave young lady was going to lose over a one-foot of hair in this process but decided it was going to make it easier for her to handle when her chemo treatment started. Jerome decided that a layered pixie cut would suit Laura’s face perfectly and started to work his magic. Laura also had a make-up stylist applied her talents to what was an incredible complete make-over for Laura. The finished look was just amazing and we hope was the start of a speedy recovery for Laura. The next few months are going to be hard for this incredibly brave young woman, but I know that with all the support she has so far received she will not be alone in her fight for health.

Click on the link below and watch this sensational transformation. The smile on Laura’s face says it all, and it will definitely leave a smile on your face as well. It’s amazing how a change of hairstyle can rejuvenate a person’s demeanor and outlook on life. I know that after her visit to the Pierre Michel Salon Laura would have walked out holding her head up high and ready to take on whatever the world was going to throw at her.