Young Little Girl Collapses While Chasing After Quickest Sea Lion. The Understanding Sea Lions Shows A Different Side. This Will Warm Your Heart!

The background for our story is the famous National Zoo in Washington D.C. A Beautiful exhibit of many species of animals from many different places Featured on many news and broadcasting outlets, the prestigious National Zoo in D.C. Has as much character as the inhabitants. Our subjects for this quaint story of childish antics are a young brunette girl and a very special sea lion.

The game of tag is a simple one- It is not a complicated game and from my fond memories of it one, of the most enjoyable. As the game continues, it begins to take a toll upon our brunette protagonist. In addition, has been known to cause a few mishaps.

This young brunette finds herself in a game of tag with a sea lion. The slippery sea lion bolts through the water, darting quickly, trying to dodge the slower hands of this adorable little girl. The sea lion moves seamlessly through the water, as the poor tiny babe tries to keep up. She huffs and puffs trying to keep up with the agile gliding of her newest friend. She gingerly pats the glass at the same time the sea lion does. Her mouth stays open in wonder as she attempts to keep up with this aquatic gymnast.

With a few kids joining in, the playing field becomes a bit cluttered. This pretty brunette takes quite a stumble, and lets out a deafening wail of pain. As concerned adults gather around to help the fallen speedster, The Sea Lion takes a different approach. As he casually wades in the water he stares thoughtfully though the glass at the little girl. Other small children run past, tapping the glass where the sea lion remained motionless. He was waiting for his newest tiny friend to get back up.

However, what the sea lion did not expect will haunt him for the longest time. I was blown away. What are your thoughts? We would love to read them! Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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