A young man sings “Les Misérables” like an angel and does the greatest deed ever!

I am a big believer that God gave certain people a specific talent to use for the benefit of humanity. I know this may sound too idealistic, but I am a believer that things always happen for a reason. In some cases, God gives people a talent for math or science, and it’s up to the people to use it to solve life’s most distressing problems or to do harm with it.

In other cases, it’s an athletic ability. Many children growing up, dream of becoming a professional athlete and live the life while doing what they enjoy. Once you are a professional sports player and you get to be very well-known, you are taken as a reference point and a role model by many people who wish to follow in your footsteps.

This happens regardless if the person wanted it in the first place or not. Another important thing to remember is that fame is short lived. It might seem that you will be famous for the rest of your life, but I have seen far too many examples where a person goes from fame and fortune to being unemployed and completely flying off the radar.

There are other people that don’t get to reach stardom but that are very talented anyway. They also can make a very big positive impact on all those people who have not been that fortunate in life. I remember the case of a local comedian. He was from a small town in the south of the United States. He had a few cool gigs around the city and he was pretty much happy with that.

When he was not working, he would be visiting orphanages, hospitals, and retirement homes to take a little bit of happiness to all those who would otherwise not be able to attend these types of shows. When he went to see children, he would sometimes dress as a clown or he would do any other type of show that would put a smile on their faces.

The young man in the next video has been blessed with an awesome singing talent. He starts singing inside what looks to be a pub or a restaurant. He’s singing a song from Les Misérables and doing it wonderfully. Suddenly, the camera pans out and looks to one side where you can see a disabled young man who is sitting in his chair enjoying the show. He cannot speak or see, but he can hear. This young singer has a heard made of gold!