A young man tries to kick a stray dog at the beach and gets a massive dose of karma!

Do you believe in karma? I think you should. People have been getting doses of karma since the beginning of time. Even if you believe there is no such thing as karma and that everything is a coincidence in life, you can’t deny that these occurrences take place in the best ways possible. One example of this is the show “America’s dumbest criminals.”

In this show, we can see many people who one day decide that instead of going to work, they will take the easy route and just rob a place. Some of them are not even carrying a gun. I remember one episode where a thief enters a convenience store with the intent of robbing it. He waits for a few customers who were there to leave and then carries out his master plan.

He pretends to be concealing a gun under his hoodie and tells the cashier to put the money in a bag he is carrying. The cashier apparently sees through the guy’s deception and says “no.” The thief does not know what to do at that point and continues threatening to pull out his gun and shooting him. The cashier then does a very daring thing.

He pulls the man hoodie to expose the “weapon” that turns out to be the man’s hand. Once the thief sees that his deception has been discovered still stands there and orders the cashier to give him the money. The cashier then is seen picking up a bat and chasing the thief out of the store. The thief has no choice but to run out there as he wants nothing to do with the cashier and his bat.

Another of these videos that I saw featured a man who gets inside a department store to steal some things. He is seen walking around the aisles looking to see what he is going to take. After a few minutes, he trips on something on the floor and hits his head. This causes the thief to lose consciousness and is seen lying on the floor. This gave the people in the store enough time to call the police and the next thing you see are the policemen waking up the suspect and taking him into custody.

Well, this next video is not about thieves, but it is about karma. A guy is walking on the beach and spots a stray dog walking ahead of him. He decides that he is going to give the dog a kick just because. He approaches the dog and when he swings for the kick, he misses and falls. What comes next is the best dose of karma he could ever get!