Young otters love playing with the garden hose just as much as we do!

Two young otters relished their time cooling off in the swimming pool, playing and chasing water from a hose.

Two fun-loving young otters were given the wonderful opportunity to play in a swimming pool in this charming video shot by their owner.

Building on a previous video, the owner showed his sweet otter friends playing in the water and chasing a water hose that squirted water toward them.

One of the otters, thinking the water hose was some type of enemy, attacked the water with an intensity that was about surprising and completely adorable.

When the swimming pool was full, the otters took their time diving through the cool water, flipping and swimming their backs in pure bliss.

It was exactly that type of moment that they enjoy most – and the best part about it is that they were not the only ones having a great time. People watching them will feel happy and relaxed, too.

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