Young talent nails national anthem, brings tears to your eyes

Boise State University was the site of a stunning rendition of ‘The National Anthem.’ Young singer Syd Hair stood on the gym floor before a basketball game between Boise State and UNLV.

Syd stands at half-court while the people around her rise in their seats and put their hands on their hearts. American flags show on the jumbotron as they wave while Syd sings.

The shocking moment came when Syd opened her mouth and began to sing with the most powerful voice. Her southern tone resonated through the gym. Fans couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Syd sounds like a cross between the dark tones of Stevie Nicks and the country power of Carrie Underwood. Her unexpected rockstar voice hits all the high notes while giving an emotional performance.

The National Anthem lyrics come from the poem, ‘Defence of Fort M’Henry,’ written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key. He was inspired by the large flag waving above the fort as it was attacked by British ships in Baltimore Harbor.

It was the War of 1812 that spawned our nation’s most famous song. Some of the most notable solo performances of the song include Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, and Billy Joel.

The song was established as America’s anthem in 1931 by Congress. ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘My Country tis of Thee’ were also used before 1931 to honor the nation. As Syd finishes her rendition, ‘woos’ come from the crowd before the big finish. She ends on a strong note, and the crowd roars so loud she steps back in shock and smiles.

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Young talent nails national anthem, brings tears to your eyes