Young woman sings “Hallelujah” but adds twist that has judges hanging on every note

Talent shows are extremely popular all over the world these days and it seems it’s getting harder and harder to show the judges something new.

Many acts fall short because they’re just not original enough, as we’ve already seen countless versions of the same tune time and time again. You have to be pretty special to stand out.

And never a truer word was spoken when it comes to Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece Hallelujah – a song covered so many times it’s just not funny! Of course, the late Jeff Buckley gave us the seminal version – the benchmark to which all other performances of the song are judged. But have a listen to this talent show performer and make your own mind up if she comes close.

A contestant on the French version of “The Voice,” Mennel Ibtessim is a 22-year-old singer who certainly convinces the panel of judges that she’s worthy of carrying the tune – a song notorious for comparing any singer who attempts it to Buckley’s version.

But Mennel here has a trick up her sleeve, and she gives the song a twist that has the judges all hitting their buzzers to support her.

It only takes her a couple of seconds to first bag one of the judges, who instantly hear something special in Mennel’s voice, and the rest of the panel is not far behind.

But then she switches from singing in English to singing in Arabic – and the watching audience and judges are left dumbfounded! Mennel gives the number a unique flavor which is likely to be cheered the world over.

The video has been viewed nearly 4 million times on YouTube and people from all over the globe are commenting in many languages. “What a voice, she is amazing, I’m in love with her eyes,” says one fan. “I’m genuinely in love with this girl,” comments another. “The best cover of Halleluiah” is a particularly bold claim too!

Whether you believe it to be up there with Jeff Buckley or not, Mennel’s talent is undeniable and she’s certainly destined for a bright future. It doesn’t hurt that she’s strikingly beautiful either with a natural stage presence that is likely to have record companies throwing deals at her and hopefully touring the world to meet some of her growing global fan base.

We’ve not seen the last of this young lady that’s for sure! Watch the video of her breath-taking performance below and share with your family and friends.