Likely the most authentic and beautiful performance I’ve ever witnessed

Fred Knittle

The Young@Heart Chorus is an outstanding example of living out your dream no matter what age you are. This group of seniors comes together to share their music with the world.

Fred Knittle

The seats are packed as the audience waits with anticipation to see what songs the chorus will sing. Their lead singer Fred Knittle is led onto the stage and sits in the spotlight.

Despite his oxygen tank, his powerful singing voice rings throughout the auditorium. The chorus has chosen to sing the popular song “Fix You” by Coldplay. Fred’s steady voice stays on pitch the whole time.

Fred Knittle

The song lyrics are given a whole new meaning as the senior chorus led by Fred sings about healing hurts and mending hearts. The audience is absolutely captivated by the performance.

This tune will tug at your heartstrings. It certainly touched the hearts of many in the crowd. Many of the fans can be seen wiping emotional tears from their cheeks.

Young@Heart Chorus "Fix You"

Fred and his fellow chorus members are met with a unanimous standing ovation. There is not a single person in the audience that isn’t enthusiastically clapping for the talented singers.

The Young@Heart chorus has an entire documentary of their performance. This Coldplay song is just one of many inspirational pieces these incredible seniors felt the need to share with the world.

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Likely the most authentic and beautiful performance I\'ve ever witnessed