If You’re As Big As This Pooch, A Game Of Hide & Seek Can Be Frustratingly Cute. Poor Guy!

There are many different ways to get clean. From bathes to showers, most humans use some method of water and soap to achieve their cleanliness. Cats take a different approach of taking matters into their own paws. At least, to some extent. Cats spend a decent amount of time grooming themselves and making sure they look charming.

Yet, when it comes to shower, it seems some dogs and almost all cats dread the idea. Bathes can lead to quite a struggle, leaving your bathroom looking like the set of Waterworld. Yet, everyone has days when they need to jump in a mud puddle or get sprayed my water that wades in the street. It’s impossible not to get dirty every once in a while, and even more impossible not to bathe if you want to remain healthy and happy.

I know that whenever I have had the chance to avoid a bath, I have. I’m more a shower guy personally, but that doesn’t stop me from bucking up and taking charge. Some, don’t share my zeal for being clean. When Max, a Husky hound hears that it’s time to go into the bathroom and get clean, he does everything in his power to stop the event from ever occurring to him. He runs off the first chance he gets and finds a rather obvious place to hide. When his father tries to coax him into getting clean, you won’t believe the lengths he goes to!

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