You’re Not Going To Believe What This High-Tech Dog Collar Does, It’s Like Science Fiction. AMAZING!

This gadget is being marketed by INUPATHY as the world’s first dog mental visualizer. It’s a dog harness that can communicate the mood of its wearer to people. Red for excited, blue for relaxed, rainbow for happy, which are all that this video shows us. The harness should be able to tell the moods of anger and sadness and fright too, I hope.

The collar works by way of sensors that measure and track the dog’s heart rate, from which heart rate variations can be detected and calculated. The data is continuously fed to an algorithm which spits out the result and sends the appropriate signal for the color-LEDs to light up.

Wow! Amazing, isn’t it? I really would buy one if I can afford it and if my dog wouldn’t be freaked out by it. It’s in the testing stage and not yet available for sale.

On the other hand, not everyone was as impressed. Apparently there are detractors to this great invention. These detractors think they can stump the manufacturer with this question: Are you telling us that we need a device to tell us how a dog feels?

I guess they have a point. I can always tell how a dog is feeling by looking at its tail, posture, and expression. And forgive me for stating the obvious, its voice and activity too. In any event, I still like this invention a lot. I’d give it two paws up (out of four).

How do you like this dog mental visualizer? Are you as excited about it, or are you siding with the detractors, or are you on the fence? Let us know in the comments section below.

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