You’ve never heard a rendition of “Amazing Grace” like this one

The video begins with Cormac centered in the shot, a microphone hanging down slightly into the frame on the left-hand side. He’s looking down at the floor but soon looks directly at the camera and opens his mouth.

From the second the words “Amazing Grace” escape his lips, you can immediately tell that this will be a memorable performance. His voice is light and airy, with an almost angelic tone.

There is a fair amount of reverb to his voice, giving listeners the impression that he’s in a church or large hall. This works well, as the reverb isn’t overdone: it’s perfectly mastered!

Accompanying his voice, you can hear a piano playing simple chords in the background. The piano is audible but not overbearing, so you can still hear Cormac’s voice clearly in the foreground.

Unlike many other singers, Cormac has near-perfect diction: each and every word can be clearly understood! Even as the piano part progresses, becoming more elaborate, it’s easy to understand what he’s singing.

The second verse is where the piano part changes from simple chords to more complex arpeggios. After the third verse is over, the song progresses even further when it changes to a higher key.

This new key really accents Cormac’s wide vocal range. Even as his voice peaks on the line “as the sun,” his tone is still crystal clear in your ears. After this point, the song begins to get quieter.

Visually, this video switches things up at the end, switching to a scene where one set of hands is passing an unplanted flower to another. As the last note is sung, we can see all of Cormac’s social media accounts listed on the left-hand side, providing guidance for first-time fans.

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