You’ve Never Heard A Bulldog Puppy Make A Sound Like This One Before

Videos of puppies are an endless source of smiles for most. Watching them explore their world for the first time and learn what they can do is just fun to watch,  not to mention watching them sleep and make funny little sounds. In this video you’ll see a baby bulldog, as if he’s not cute enough just by being, learning to howl for the first time and the sounds he makes are just adorable. The harder he tries, the cuter he gets! If you watch this video, it will make your day!

Watching animal videos is a scientifically proven stress reliever, so prepare to have some stress relieved while watching this. Believe me! It is a serious dose of cuteness overload and just the perfect way to end a long, hard day.

This cute little bulldog is just learning to howl and is having great success learning this skill. His howl is so cute you won’t believe this sound comes from a puppy his size. You won’t believe this sound comes from a puppy at all! He will probably grow out of this sound quickly, I think, so I’m glad his parents filmed it while they had the chance, and even happier that they decided to share it with us.

This bulldog pup has to be one of the cutest dogs to grace the internet so far. He just steals the show. You’ll enjoy watching him giving it his all while learning to howl.

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