You’ve never seen a snowball fight like this incredible one. So cool!

It’s a story old as time itself. Youthful upstarts thinking that they can supplant the older, wiser people in their lives. Sometimes it’s quite serious, a matter of life and death. Like Commodus killing his father to become Emperor in “Gladatior.” Then there’s this video of horses engaged in a snowball fight with each other.

This light-hearted piece shows some young horses itching for a snowball fight with their elders. Match on. Soon snowballs are whizzing through the air. The older horses are getting pelted. Then one of them decides to end the fight in the best way possible while teaching the young horses a lesson.

The lesson here is that pride often goes before the fall. The young horses are feeling cocky and full of themselves before they get their rude awakening. We all could learn that lesson. Never get too full of yourself. There’s always another thing to glean from a situation. Life is always about something else to discover to add to your repertoire.

The continuation of this would be seeing if the young horses learned their lesson, of course. Would they be able to strategize and avoid the humiliation they suffered before? That’s another thing that we need in this journey of life: Adaptation. If we don’t adapt, we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over. There’s a political joke here, but I’ll leave that alone.

This might seem like a heavy reading into what’s a fun 30-second video. We can learn a lot from things that are funny as well as things that are serious. It’s the ability to recognize those opportunities that helps us to grow as people.

Take a look at the video. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this in our comments section!