Zany Magpie Thinks He’s A Rooster And You’ll Want To See It Over Again

It’s a known fact that magpies love to mimic other birds and sounds, but this is outrageous. The only thing that makes this crowing magpie that imitates a cock even more incredible is the nonchalant cat sitting beside him.

You’ll barely be able to believe your eyes. A magpie copies the crow of a cock at sunrise, and we swear that cat put him up to it. The adorable black and white bird must think it’s a chicken, and the kitty seems to be completely comfortable with it.

Is this a case of an identity crisis or simply a smart bird that likes to wake everyone up? Whichever it may be, it’s certainly the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

You’ve never heard a magpie that can mimic any sound, as well as this one, pulls off his daily duty at sunrise. Perhaps it’s a case of anything you can do, I can do better.