Zebra Gives Birth To Her Foal, But Then? I Wasn’t Expecting The Tiny Baby To Do THIS! OMG!

We don’t get chances to see the live births of wild animals on a regular basis, or ever for most people. Usually we witness these births via video, which is still incredible, but not the same as witnessing a live birth for ourselves. But some lucky people do get to see it live. Robert Melius from Minnesota is one of them. Robert was driving with his friends in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania when they spotted a pregnant zebra on the ground. In this clip, viewers are treated to the birth of a beautiful foal.

The zebra was lying on the ground with her legs up, which as we know, isn’t normally how we would see a zebra. The group stopped their vehicle and they saw her water break. They took out their cameras and filmed the whole thing, and you can see the end of the birth here, definitely the most exciting part.

First we see the zebra lying down and a leg sticking out, then she gets up and walks a bit, maybe to help move the birthing process along. Soon the baby is halfway out, head first. The baby is covered in a sac, but not the head, and is definitely alive and kicking!

You can see the tiny foal walk by the end of this fascinating video! Robert says the total time since the mom’s water broke to the point where the baby stood up on its own feet was about an hour and 20 minutes. What an amazing thing to see while out on safari, and totally unexpected.

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