This zookeeper wants to clean this llama’s enclosure, but the animal has other plans!

I think if I didn’t have the job that I do, one other thing I would have like to do as a career would be taking care of animals. I’ve always liked animals, ever since I was a little boy. I enjoyed visiting zoos (I still do actually). I would ask my father to take me to one at least every three months. We got to travel a lot because of my father’s job, so there was always a zoo to visit.

I remember visiting quite a few zoos in the United States and a few of them abroad. The way people take care of the animals would differ a little bit from case to case, but they will mostly be taken diligent care of. I got to see a lot of animals and had a few favorites. One of them was the gorilla. The gorilla had always amazed me because of the sheer strength that it has.

They don’t look that big on television, except when they are next to a human. That’s when their size is more visible. I have seen a lot of documentaries of gorillas and have learned a lot from them. One of the things that I learned is that gorillas will give you signals when they need you to back off. Often when you are getting a little too close to their babies.

Not paying attention to these signals can put you in serious danger very fast. They are not aggressive creatures. Like many, they won’t act aggressively towards humans unless they feel threatened in some way. There were some very nice zoos that had enclosures where you could get very close to the gorillas and other animals. They had this very thick glass, but it was still a fun experience.

Another of my favorite animals was a Grizzly. This is another one that doesn’t look that big on documentaries on television. Once you get a few feet from them you feel dwarfed in comparison. They are also docile animals for the most part, but if you see one in the wild, it is better to stay away from them because they can be dangerous.

Some animals are not really dangerous but can make you run for the hills in a few ways. One of them is the llama. The guy in the next video has volunteered to clean a llama enclosure. He is told that llamas are very docile and that the job should be a piece of cake. He goes into the enclosure with his wheelbarrow and his shovel thinking it will be a walk in the park Unfortunately for him, the llama had other ideas.