Zookeepers Record A Baby Hippo And Were Blown Away By What They Saw

Melbourne, Australia’s zoo has a new addition that is making big waves on the internet, even though he is really small. Well, small is all relative I guess, but he’s a tiny Pygmy hippo, born less than a month before this video was recorded, and little Obi is capturing the hearts of millions already. Obi is the newest addition to the zoo’s hippopotamus family. His mom, Petro, keeps a close eye on him as he takes his first dive into the water and looks super cute doing it.

Until now he was too little to swim by himself, but he has got to learn sometime and his mom thinks he is certainly ready. She is full of encouragement and he seems pretty ready to learn. After his first swim, it’s obvious he loves the water and the exercise. Zoo keeper Justin Valentine said he did a great job swimming in the smaller pools, so they felt he was ready to make big waves in the grown-up pool. I guess his mom did too.

His name, Obi, translates to “heart” in a Nigerian dialect. Obi is the first pygmy hippo born in captivity in the Melbourne Zoo since 1981. At one month old he weighs only 13 kg. He is a Pygmy hippo, after all. It’s so cute to see his mom watching him closely while he plays and swims. I wish I could have a Pygmy hippo to entertain me at home.

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