Zoom In And See This Is No Ordinary Drawing. It’s Made With A Typewriter

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for making excuses in life. The moment I find an excuse not to do some kind of work I take it so I can go home and watch whatever tv show I am currently binge-watching. I love being able to set goals for myself and then let myself off the hook by taking them off the table.

So it’s in the moments that I see someone who has achieved something wonderful that I remember that I want to do more with my life. It’s precisely when I meet someone who has created something beautiful that I am filled with inspiration to commit myself fully and get everything that I want out of life and so much more.

Paul Smith is one of those people who inspires me to be the best that I can be. The things he does encourage me to grow and get better every day. Smith creates beautiful and stunning works of art, but he doesn’t  do this with a paint brush or a pencil. He creates these visual wonders entirely with old typewriters. Just these facts alone make Paul impressive enough, but it is Paul’s life story that is a testament and inspiration to us all.

Born in 1921, Paul Smith has suffered from cerebral palsy his entire life. He currently resides in the Rosehaven Nursing Home. Unable to hold a normal pen or paintbrush anymore, he resorted to the unconventional typewriter. His incredible artwork is hanging throughout the home, and everyone in the home has grown to love Paul dearly. This is an incredible video that will inspire everyone to live life to the fullest, so be sure to share this important story with family and friends.

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