Simon nearly fell off his chair when they threw that young girl 50 feet into the air

Just watched this act, they were absolutely ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!! can’t wait to see them again 👏 Hands down the best act of the night. I have never seen anything so breathtaking. especially by amateurs. AMAZING!!!

Zurcaroh is an acrobatic show group directed by talented choreographer Peterson da Cruz Hora. The group became internationally known after they won a golden buzzer on the 2017 season of France’s Got Talent, and again on season 13 of America’s Got Talent.

This is a phenomenal outstanding unique performance displaying the greatest level of flexibility, matching the song’s pace and rhythm. How did they do this so smoothly…..I can barely walk without tripping.

This is especially astonishing! From the impactful music to the very synchronized moves, the fearless flying, and incredible death-defying acrobatics acts. I actually cried. Tyra, I love you for pushing that golden buzzer for them.

There’s so much practice involved in acts like these! I keep watching them over and over. There are so many things going on all at once I wish they had videos from various angles so I could see everything without missing anything. I’m rooting for these guys!