Golden Buzzer Dance Group Delivers Mind-Boggling Performance on America’s Got Talent

The final act of Tuesday’s installment of Season 13 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ was finessed by flying dancers with death-defying drops and Swiss-clock-like synchronization.

“Zurcaroh” is the name of this dazzling dance troupe whose nail bitting dance moves will leave you mesmerized; you will want to rewatch this one at least once and in FULL-SCREEN mode to catch all the action in this video.

It’s easy to see why Judge Tyra Banks used her one-and-only ticket to ring the golden buzzer Zurcaroh. The judges’ acclaim was universal. No one was disappointed. There were no complaints. The only thing anyone could ask for is for more!

Mel B was still tittering with nervous excitement, obviously overjoyed that her act came off flawlessly and without a hitch. She shouted, “On this show, I go from crying to laughing to screaming to being wowed and stunned. That was incredible, brilliant!”

Heidi Klum was in complete agreement with her fellow judge “It was a spectacle. It was unbelievable. Everyone was amazing.”

Simon Cowell offered high praise for the dazzling dancer troupe, “From now on we are going to call you the greatest showman because that is what you are. To put this together in a week for live television, I never dreamed when we started this show that we would find talent like this and we have. Our dreams came true.”

The dapper Howie Mandel replied “This is an amazing season. In show business, you want to save the best for last. I think we just did. I don’t think any other act could follow this. This was a show stopper. I am so amazed by what you do.

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Golden Buzzer Dance Group Delivers Mind-Boggling Performance on America\'s Got Talent