Kelly Clarkson sings “Silent Night” and she is joined by two country music legends

This performance is from Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, an NBC special that originally aired in December 2013. This amazing rendition of “Silent Night” is sure to bring out the peaceful Christmas spirit in you. This video clip begins with Kelly Clarkson alone on stage in a stunning, red, holiday dress singing “Silent Night.” You will love to see Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood and a mystery guest who wows the crowd with this amazing rendition of one of the most popular Christmas hymns of all time.

Kelly has the stage all to herself at first, and then she is joined by Trisha Yearwood who takes over the lead vocals while Kelly sings backup. Trisha is stunning in her holiday finery and it seems like the two of them will complete the song, and then a surprise guest comes out that the audience was not expecting and takes over the lead. The music is subtle and low in the background, allowing the amazing vocals of the three talented artists to really shine through.

While Kelly Clarkson is relatively new on the music scene, she had an amazing opportunity to sing with two legendary country music artists, and she took full advantage of it and gave an amazing performance that would compete with either of them.

This performance is truly amazing. Filled with soulful music, emotions and joy, this rendition is sure to win your heart. Do let us know what you think of this amazing version of “Silent Night.” We would love to have your views. Please share this clip on Facebook if you enjoyed it.