Pygmy Goats in Pajamas – You’re Welcome

I am a big fan of loungewear; bright-colored pajamas especially are extremely comfortable and adorable, the designs are absolutely amazing. Onesies particularly are absolutely cute. And not only humans benefit from the power of cuteness of pajamas, baby goats, who are supremely cute on their own, look even more adorable.

During a particularly cold afternoon, Winifred and Monty — 3-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat siblings — were treated to some new pajamas, so they could stay warm. It’s easy to see that these spoiled billies love their new PJs, as they play together on Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine. (These two are almost as cute as the baby goats who discovered the backyard trampoline.)

While the baby goats in this video aren’t climbing any pigs or horses, these little billies’ general clumsiness as they hop around is just too adorable. Have you ever seen anything cuter than this duo?

“Goats have zero interest in letting even one raindrop touch their heads, so these little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn. I’m pretty sure they both actually shook their head, ‘NO!’ when they looked outside at the rain”, their current owners wrote on YouTube.

Pygmy Goats in Pajamas - You\'re Welcome