10-yr-old’s version of Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” will leave you breathless

In 1984 a relatively un-known singer released a single called “The Power of Love” the singer, “Jennifer Rush” went on to enjoy huge success all over the world following the songs sales, especially in Europe and Australia. The song has subsequently been covered by many artists including “Laura Branigan”, “Air Supply” but more notably “Celine Dion”.

The Canadian singer’s version became a massive hit and supplied her with her first number 1 in the US. The song spent 4 weeks at number 1 in 1994 and also gave Dion her first hit single in Australia and second in her native Canada. The song won numerous awards including the coveted “Grammy Award” for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”. This song is solely responsible for making “Celine Dion” a superstar and set her on a course for pop immortality.

“The Power of Love” is another one of those pieces of music that is extremely difficult to perform. The vocal range and power that is needed to deliver some of the high notes are out of range to the average person let alone a 10-year-old.

Such is the talent of “Cydel Gabutero” the 10-year-old from San Carlos City, in the Philippines. This amazing young lady has a voice of someone far beyond her years and has been wowing people with her vocal abilities all over the internet. Her cover versions have been going viral, but one in particular has everybody talking.

When you watch the clip below, you will not believe that such a powerful voice could come from such a tiny girl as Cydel, yet as she sings it looks like there is hardly any effort required to belt out those incredibly challenging high notes. With the camera looking directly at her, you can see in her eyes just how much she enjoys sharing her unique talents with the rest of the world, and what a talent it is.

When Jennifer Rush co-wrote the hit all those years ago she could not have imagined that the song would have a life of its own, that so many people world get so much joy from her lyrics, and that a demure 10-year-old Philippine girl could give this amazing piece a whole new feel. Even though Cydel’s version is the same arrangement as Celine Dion’s, she manages to make the song hers with very little effort.

Click on the link below, turn up the volume, or even better yet, grab the headphones, sit back and enjoy this sensational young lady’s voice. Shut your eyes and try to remember that you are listening to a 10-year-old, you will find it hard to believe. Watch out in the future for the name “Cydel Gabutero” for I think we are witnessing the beginnings of a superstar in the making.