11-Year-Old Pianist Surprises Airport Travelers With Impromptu Concert

A young 11-year-old boy sat down at a piano in the Manchester Airport one afternoon and wowed the surrounding travelers with his amazing musical skills. Harrison Crane loves playing the piano, especially in public spaces, and his playing impressed even a group of children who came over to watch him play.

Harrison Crane loves to play the piano. He has been playing in public spaces for a year or more, starting out playing in his local shopping mall and impressing the shoppers with his musical prowess. This particular day, however, he was in Manchester Airport and found a baby grand piano sitting empty in an eating area, so he sat down.

From the first note, it is clear to all the airport travelers that this boy is something special. The piece he chose to play was composed by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, entitled “Nuvole Bianche.” The beautiful music drew a crowd of other children, who seemed mesmerized that someone so young could play with such talent and grace.