12 pieces of motherly advice from ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Little House on the Prairie made for some of the most classic television. The series was based on the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder and depicted late-1800s America.

The show focused on a family making a living on the American frontier. The mother of the family, Caroline Ingalls, played by Karen Grassle, looked after the children. She also had plenty of helpful advice to provide for growing minds.

Cozi TV has kept the show’s memory alive with reruns on the channel. They’ve cobbled together a collection of Caroline’s most important scenes as a mother.

At number 12, Caroline confronts Laura about her feelings of jealousy. Laura wishes she could be as well-spoken as Mary. Caroline gives her courage by telling her to do her best and not be afraid to try.

At number 11, Caroline gives some advice to an older person. She speaks with a man who cannot read and encourages him to try. Despite the man feeling too old to learn, Caroline convinces him by pointing out the man’s other talents.

At number 10, Caroline gives some valuable life advice to Laura about hurt. She speaks of how life can hurt but that you can’t be afraid of it. Having hurt allows you to appreciate that good times all the better.

At number 9, Caroline offers some reassurance to her husband. He can’t sleep as he worries about the days ahead with debt. She instructs him to have faith and that everything will work out fine.

At number 8, Ma confronts a crying Laura. Laura is afraid to approach her father with an issue. Caroline says that she shouldn’t be scared and go to him.

At number 7, Caroline once more handles a situation with Laura crying. Laura admits to saying nasty things about someone at school. She is mad at herself for being unaware of their condition.

Caroline says it doesn’t matter what you know about a person. It would help if you never resorted to insulting someone. Caroline then instructs Laura to apologize the next day.

At number 6, Ma and Mary embrace in a field. Caroline reveals that she has made mistakes as well. It’s a sobering moment to realize even adults can stumble and that we all need to keep learning.

At number 5, Caroline gives one of her daughters advice about being a woman. She has a heartfelt talk about understanding love and maturity.

At number 4, Ma talks to Laura about individuality. While Laura worries about how she’ll appear to a boy, Caroline tells her just to be herself. That way, people will love you for who you are.

At number 3, Caroline tells one of her daughters not to be afraid of her problems. The best way to deal with them is to talk about them with someone who loves you. And who loves these girls more than Ma?

At number 2, Ma gives some more mature advice regarding marriage. When one of her daughters is pressured into marriage, Caroline instructs them not to rush it. Marriage is a big deal, and Ma speaks from experience.

At number 1, Ma gives perhaps her best advice of all. She brings up how a mother is many things and never so simple. She sympathizes with one of her daughters in the best way a mother can show her love.

That last scene perhaps sums up Caroline best. She was the moral glue of the Ingalls family. Karen Grassle delivered one of the finest performances of Little House on the Praire.

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