12 things from the 1970s that are now classics or extinct

Every decade you live through will be slightly different from the previous one. New inventions make life easier. New technology increases how we work and play, and as the world ages, more efforts are made to preserve the Earth as we know it. You may remember numerous things from the 70s that are no longer around or that can be hard to find, but 12 main things are now gone forever from the period.

One of the first things that pop into your head would be the vehicles we all drove. In the early part of 1970, oil shortages made it hard for most families to afford gas for the large, gas-guzzling cars on the market. For this reason, the big 3 car makers from Detroit changed things up by making smaller, more economical vehicles. Some say that they were all ugly cars that needed to be scrapped, while others loved the style that made them unique.

The styles of the day are another thing that we all think about. When memories of the past flood our minds, we can remember the large sideburns made popular by some famous stars of the time, such as Burt Reynolds and Elvis Presley. Collars on clothes were also a sign of the times, and the bigger they were, the better dressed you were considered to be.

The 1970s was a decade that was full of free spirits. Hitch-hiking across the country became common, knowing that you would get picked up by someone along your journey. Back then, it was safe to do so, for the most part. There were murders, rapes, and kidnappings because of how free spirits got around, but nothing like today.

One of the final things from the 70s that most of us can remember is the house’s décor. Shag carpet was prevalent in most places; the bolder the color, the better looking it was. Many of the inner walls were made from wood-simulated paneling. If not, they were covered up with different patterns of wallpaper. The furniture included large, wood-framed structures upholstered with orange or brown flowering to complement the way interiors were designed.

The top 12 everyday things of the 1970s can still be found today, but none of them are designed and manufactured as new products. The once-popular trends are now simply things to remember from the past. If you were lucky enough to live through the decade, you would know what has changed. If not, you may want to spend some time traveling back in history because it was a time full of fun, adventure, and freedom.

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