12 year-old ventriloquist’s puppets bicker, then sing the Beatles. Stunning!

“America’s Got Talent” is a smash-hit reality TV show that gives singers, dancers, comedians, and other performers a chance to compete for fame and a million-dollar prize. The panel of celebrity judges make the final call, but members of the audience, both live and at home, also cast their votes.

The season twelve finale saw 52 million viewers votes pour in; that gives you an idea of just how popular the show is. Once eight of the ten finalists had been eliminated from the competition, it all came down to a choice between two incredible young talents, 10 year-old Angelica Hale from Atlanta and 12 year-old Darci Lynne Farmer from Oklahoma. Angelica’s incredible singing voice shined throughout the competition, especially during her astonishing rendition of David Guetta’s “Without You.” Meanwhile, Darci Lynne amazed the audience with her feats of ventriloquism, making her puppets “sing” numbers by George Gershwin, the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, and the Beatles.

It was Darci Lynne’s ability to bring her puppets to life that won her the top prize, making her a household name and earning her an appearance at a top Vegas show plus a million dollars. When Tyra Banks announced that Darci Lynn had won, Angelica was a good sport and gave the champion a hug. Not many 10 year-olds would be so gracious!

We’ve posted the video of Darci Lynn’s ventriloquism virtuosity from the competition’s final round. For the first time, she had two puppets on stage with her, Petunia the rabbit and Oscar the shy mouse. During the comedic introduction, she and the two puppets “argued” about who should do the singing. Once everything was settled, they got down to the business of singing the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends.” It’s incredible how this young self-taught ventriloquist produces such a powerful voice while keeping her lips frozen.

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