15-year old’s rendition of this 1973 classic, “Simple Man” is sure to give you chills

When Lynyrd Skynyrd released ‘Simple Man’ in 1973, they likely had no idea what kind of impact it would have on the music scene. Today, it’s one of Skynyrd’s most well known and beloved songs.

Which has made it one song plenty of musicians are a little afraid to touch. No one wants to mess up someone else’s favorite song. When 15-year-old Morganne Warner tried her hand at it, not a soul was disappointed.

Morganne has been singing since she was only 5, and started off performing in her church. The church is still her home, and she performs on the worship team. Still, Morganne wants to pursue a career in music and recently sent her first demo in to be considered for The Voice.

This young lady isn’t limited to her angelic singing voice, either. The guitar track on the video is all Morganne. She says on her Facebook page that she likes to “stick with songs with soul and meaningful, uplifting words.” “Simple man is the perfect fit for her, and she’s the perfect fit for “Simple Man”.

Watch Morganne’s stunning rendition of “Simple Man” in the video below! What did you think? Leave us your review, we’d love to hear from you!