1966 ‘Young Rascals’ rock ‘Sullivan’ with No. 1 hit ‘Good Lovin’’

‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ welcomed the ‘Young Rascals’ to his show for a spirited performance of Good Lovin’. The rock band was a hit with teens in the late ’60s.

Ed introduces the group, saying, ‘Now here’s an American combo of the Young Rascals, so let’s bring them on.’ Four guys appear on stage sporting long ’60s hairstyles.

They are all wearing jeans and white collared shirts with short neckties. One of the singers plays tambourine on his hip while singing. There’s also a guitar and a drummer on the orange-colored stage.

The lead singer, Felix Cavaliere, also plays the organ, wearing a hip dark green flat cap. As he plays, the drummer nods his head to the beat, and the guitarist and tambourine player dance around.

Felix sings the lyrics, ‘I was feelin’ so bad. I asked my family doctor just what I had. I said, “Doctor (Doctor), Mr. M.D. (Doctor). Now can you tell me what’s ailing me?” (Doctor) He said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” Yes indeed, all I, I really need, good lovin’.’

The entire band gives an energetic performance that dazzles the Sullivan crowd with Good Lovin’. The tune hit number 1 in 1966 and landed among the band’s other big hits, including Groovin’ and People Got to Be Free.

‘The Young Rascals,’ who eventually became ‘The Rascals,’ were formed in New Jersey in 1965. They reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 with nine singles. Their fantastic performance on Sullivan was a testament to the group’s star power.

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