1976 ‘Blinded By The Light’ song gets you revved up like a deuce

1976 ‘Blinded By The Light’ song

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band delivered an exceptional performance of ‘Blinded By The Light.’ The song was originally written by Bruce Springsteen. Their band had a drummer, two lead guitarists, a bassist, and a pianist.

The five of them rocked out on stage while having tons of fun playing. On the drums was Chris Slade. He was wearing a white headband. Dave Fleet was the lead guitarist.

Dave was wearing a white shirt with a vest over it. Next to Dave was Pat King playing the bass. Pat had a black shirt on. Their vocalist, the other lead guitarist, was Christ Hamlet Thompson.

1976 ‘Blinded By The Light’ song

Chris Hamlet was front and center wearing a red shirt. On the keyboards was Manfred Mann. Manfred had glasses and wore a black shirt. Each of them got to show off with incredible solos.

As he was singing, Chris Hamlet looked at his band members with a smile on his face. They smiled back at him and continued to play on their instruments.

All of them bobbed their heads and allowed the music to take over their bodies. Lights of all colors shined behind them from above the stage. Their performance was electrifying.

Sparks, smoke, and other pyrotechnic effects flashed in front of them when the performance ended. Their awesome song faded in the air as the lights dimmed down.

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