2 French Bulldogs Resist Eating Delicious Snack Platter in Viral “Leave It” Challenge

There was a viral trend that involved giving your child with a yummy snack and asking them to wait to eat it while you run out of the room for a minute. Now, the internet is putting a spin on it by doing it to hungry puppies.

Let’s face it; if someone puts your favorite food in front of you, it can be tempting to delve in and have a taste. One creative dog owner makes a tasty snack platter for her dogs and tells them she’s going to be right back.

With yummy beef sticks, fish chips, peppers, and more, these little cuties are already chomping at the bit. The hilarious “thoughts” that appear on the screen are incredibly funny and pair perfectly with these pups’ personalities.

A minute later, Grif and Haru’s owner returns, and they get rewarded with a taste of each treat on the snack board. I don’t know about you, but after watching these charming french bulldogs wait for food, I’m ready for an afternoon snack of my own.