20+ NO Carb Foods With No Sugar and 80+ LOW Carb Foods

Doctor and former olympian Dr. Sten Ekberg takes the time to explain which foods are truly zero calories versus those that have some calories or carbs within them. Those on keto diets should really appreciate this list.

There are three categories to consider when you are talking about lo-carb diets. The first is “Zero Calorie” foods, then there are “Zero Carb” foods, and finally “Lo-Carb” Foods.

For specific dietary reasons, a ketogenic diet with a high percentage of zero carb foods. For less extreme diets, lo-carbs will provide bulk, which is important for your digestion.

“If you have insulin resistance,” says Dr. Ekberg, “you will want to focus on foods to eat on keto with no carbs & no sugar as the main way to eat. Foods that are higher in carbs will tend to spike your insulin levels the most. If you can eat a no sugar diet, no carb diet like a carnivore diet, or a diet that is very low in sugar and carbs you will have the best results in your overall health.

“You can use these foods as easy no carb snacks especially when you are on the go. From low carb veggies to butter to quality meats you can eat healthy yummy foods.”

20+ NO Carb Foods With No Sugar and 80+ LOW Carb Foods