21-Year-Old Rapper Gets Golden Buzzer After Performing Epic Original Song on AGT

See Joseph Allen Show Us Exactly Why He is Destined for Stardom with An Original for AGT

Joseph Allen is a vibrant young artist whose lyrical mastery, perfect pitch, and on-point rap piques the interest of all who hear his words. His presence could be felt from the moment he stepped onto the ‘AGT stage’, an early sign of what’s to come.

Yet, none of the judges expected such a multidimensional personality and well-rounded singing talent. The upcoming celeb was barely familiar with Twitter before all of this started, but once you see how powerful his delivery is first-hand, you’ll soon understand what makes him such a hot prospect.

Judge Gabrielle Union said it best, recognizing the recognition born inside this star by saying, “Listen, dreams come true on this stage, and I think we’re seeing your dream come true.”

“From the moment you walked out, your smile was electric,” Mandel proclaimed. “Life is a series of moments, and people at home are talking about this moment. People in this room are talking about this moment.”

To further elevate this young star, judge Howie Mandell stomped the declaration of an unforgettable moment into being. Howie cried out, ‘You said you want to leave a footprint. Well, I’m gonna give you the footprint you need,” and then struck the Golden Buzzer with his foot while standing atop the judges’ table.

There is no description fitting of the level of pride & joy in the eyes of young Joseph Allen. Standing showered in golden confetti, a star was born, and the artist has been in keen pursuit of his bright future ever since.

Joseph’s words weren’t cold when his dream came true. Terry Crews came through on his promise, running onto the stage and lifting the young star into the air as both celebrated a heartfelt performance.

One thing is for sure – this young man has success on the horizon. He is a clear judge favorite and an inspiring performer overall. If his social media activity is anything to go by, we can expect to see a range of self-produced videos hitting everyone’s favorite streaming platform soon.

21-Year-Old Rapper Gets Golden Buzzer After Performing Epic Original Song on AGT