21 Yrs Ago, Michael Flatley’s FINAL Riverdance Performance Brought Millions To Tears! Awesome!

Riverdance is a stage show made up of traditional Irish music and dance. It was first performed as an interval act at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Encouraged by the clamorous positive response it was quickly expanded to a full-length stage show in no time. To date, Riverdance has visited over 450 venues worldwide with a total audience of over 25 million!

At the beginning of its successful runs in Dublin and London in 1994 and most of 1995, Riverdance featured two American lead dancers, the male lead Michael Flatley and the female lead Jean Butler. Due to a variety of conflicts including creative disagreements that came to a head, Michael Flatley was removed from the production in October of 1995.

This video is Flatley’s final performance in Riverdance at the Point Theatre in Dublin and it was a rousing spectacle! If you have never seen Riverdance you will be at the edge of your seat, and those who have seen it can barely get enough of it. Yes, this is hype but some hypes are true!

Michael Flatley was at the height of his prowess. He dominated the proceedings with Jean Butler in fewer scenes but matching him stride for stride, the music was timely and exciting, the choreography in perfect sync, and as you can see in the end, the spectators were cheering and clapping with everything they had, beside themselves with thrill. This here video is hot stuff!