3 girls’ sassy dance routine has audience cheering, with applause and “R-e-s-p-e-c-t”

There’s a lot to do in the days leading up to a dance recital. You can almost count on last-minute issues with the venue that has to be dealt with. Getting all the loose ends tied up with the music and choreography can give the director fits. And then there the dancers. The more rehearsal time they get, the better (although there’s never enough). Up to the last minute, there are ducks to be gotten in a row when it comes to costumes, hair, and dance shoes. However seamless a show might be, you can bet there were a lot of frenzies behind the scenes.

At one dance recital, three adorable little girls came onstage dressed in ballet tutus, but when the music started, it wasn’t Tchaikovsky. It was Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”!

The girl in the middle, Johana, is clearly the star of the show. She turns to the audience first and does a superb job staying in sync with the music while demonstrating maximum sass. The audience cheers her extreme arm waves, finger pointing, and head nodding. Her body language generally sends a message of attitude and commanding presence. Perhaps not quite to the same degree Aretha Franklin herself would, but she’s a very tough act to follow. At points in the video, which we’ve posted below for you, you can her Johana’s parents cheering their daughter on while she struts and throws in some lip-syncing. One of the other girls, perhaps in “deer in the headlights” mode, doesn’t realize it’s time for a final bow to the audience, so Johana has to get her attention, first by stamping her foot and then reaching for her hand.

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