A 3-year-old prodigy begs mom for a violin, then stuns thousands with his music!

What do you consider to be a gifted musician? Would you say someone is gifted only if he is a musical genius? There are people that are born this way and some others, for some reason, turn into them. I remember hearing about the case of a man who had grown up as normal as you can. He had average grades in school and did pretty average in sports and art-related tasks.

His parents both worked. His father worked at an automotive plant and his mother was a stewardess. None of them had any musical background, nor they had shown any type of special gift or talent. He had grown up in a semi-strict household. His father believed that hard work was the key to success for anyone and he instilled this way of thinking in his children.

After a few years, this boy was playing at his school when he fainted. The school staff got very worried and called the paramedics who worked very hard in reviving him. He was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered he had a tumor. His condition was getting more serious each minute and they asked the parent’s permission to operate on him.

The operation was a success despite the huge risk of operating on him at such an early age. Doctors told the parents the recovery would be slow, and it was. After a few months there started to be a change in the young boy. He would spend a lot more time listening to the radio or records that he used to do before. His parents thought that it would be a good idea to buy him a keyboard to see if he could use it as a form of therapy.

The minute he got his hands on the new keyboard, it became clear that there was something very different with him. He started playing songs as if he had been taking lessons. His father would play a song on the family’s stereo system and he would replicate it immediately. Apparently, this had been as a result of the brain tumor he had removed.

The following video features a musical prodigy that has amazed thousands despite his young age. His name is Akim Camara and has been playing the violin for only one year (He’s 3 years old by the way). One year before, he had begged his mother to buy him a violin and started playing it in his free time. One year later, he was playing with Andre Rieu. Just watch!