4-Year-Old Prepares For Dance Competition, Only To Look Up and Win Hearts With Talent Beyond Her Years

Ella is a beautiful little dancer that landed a first-place prize in the Rainbow National Competition. What is most impressive about her is that she is only 4 years old. How many of us could form proper sentences much less memorize a whole dance routine at 4 years old? That is why everyone was so curious so see how she would perform when they learned her age.

Ella walked on to the stage with very slow, poised, deliberate steps. She then crouched down in the middle of the stage and waited for the music to begin. You can tell from the very start that it is going to be an amazing performance.

Ella, Dancer on stageWhat is even more astounding about her performance is how exceptionally she executed her routine. In the video, we watch her demonstrate incredible flexibility and a certain calmness only seen in seasoned dancers.

I especially loved the way she stared directly at the audience while she performed. Most children clam up when put in front of a crowd, but Ella blossomed the moment she got on stage and they started that music.

Her performance was well beyond her years and the crowd loved every minute of it. There were points in the video where you could hardly hear the music because the audience was screaming and applauding so loudly. I can just imagine what her performances will be like once she’s an adult.

Kids these days never cease to amaze me.  There seems to be the generation of prodigies and we are loving it.  After all, many of us have invested most if not all of our financial and other resources into helping our children succeed. Ella Dobler is one such prodigy and she certainly did her family proud after she wowed an entire audience with a great performance!

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